A Brief description:

The book talks about Khalifa Qattan and the development of his new style of art Circlism, then through the explanation of selected paintings (a total of 45) included in the book, which were painted several decades back (60s, 70s, and 80s), how he meticulously describes in intricate detail the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and it's after math followed by the Desert Storm libiration of occupied Kuwait and the subsequent effects of the war Iraq had endured starting from 2003 till the present day. An exceptionally prophetic work that was only revield after the actual events took place!

Writer:               Lidia Qattan

First Edition:     1994

Type:                Documentary

No. Pages:        254

Size:                  21cm X 27cm

Price:                KD 3 or $10 (without shipping and handling)

Notice: Currently, the book can only be purchased on location from the Khalifa & Lidia Qattan Art Museum (also Known as the Mirror House in Kuwait, or through personal shipment. Commercial purchase and shipping of the item is still under process.