The Stages of Circlism

Khalifa Qattan experimented with different styles of art, as any artist would, untill he discovered his own style, Circlism
Cubism, was one form of experimental styles
The First Stage or beginning of Circlism was in 1962
By 1963 Khalifa Qattan's Circlism style was completely developed.
The Sixties and Sevinties were the most active periods in the life of Khalifa Qattan which also influenced his art work in Circlism. By the Eighties, special events and circumstances deeply affected the artist Khalifa emotionally which had an effect on his helath. A series of strong disappointments led the artist to abandon his fiery excitment which was clear in the strong colors of his paintings and he resigned to a period of calm that would stretch till the end of his days. In this period of calm was an actual journey of self-discovery and the meaning of life. It is only through strong hardships that we evolve and become transformed. 
During this time of calm and self discovery, he produced his series of "The Trees".
Khalifa Qattan was a religious man and deeply spiritual. He always read the Holy Quran and it is thought that indirectly, his late paintings, particularly of The Egg or Creation and Evolution series,were inspired by verses of the Quran. Such paintings as the "Al-Amanah"-Humanity and it's Responsibility, and "From Earth and to Earth we Return" and "The Source" and many other such paintings, are testimoney to this fact.
Al-Amanah - Humanity and its Responsibility