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 The intention of this website is to introduce the pioneering work of Khalifa Qattan, creator of Circlism, a revolutionary innovation in art movement established in 1962. Khalifa Qattan's art style is based on philosophy, science, and spirituality. This website will breifly introduce his art work globally as he is well known in Kuwait, the Arabian Gulf region as well as the Middle East, but his revolutionalry art style has not obtained international recognition as Salvador Dali's Surrialism, and Pablo Picasso's Cubism, among other innovators. Khalifa Qattan's Circlism has been around since the early sixties, and only one art student major presented his Doctoral Thesis on this Iconic figure and his unique style, Circlism.

 Through the use of colour and symbolism and the curving lines, Khalifa Qattan shows deep symbolic meaning in his paintings, like Karma, Life, Evolution and Quantum Physiscs, everything begins from a single point and moves into a circular, spherical, and spiral motion ending at the point where it began. Circlism is Motion; from the subatomic particles of matter on earth to the galaxies in the universe, everything, is in constant motion. That constant infinite motion, is Circlism.

To better understand the theory of CIRCLISM, please view the following video created by Dr. Moayad Hassan

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